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    Plug-in for viewing IPTV (TV channels via Internet) on WD TV Live. This UMSP plug-in is established on alternative firmware for WD TV Live ( Western Digital TV Live ) (Part Number): WDBAAP0000NBK-... ; WDBAAN0000NBK-...

    So-called WDLXTV firmware from B-RAD can be downloaded here. I recommend for normal functionality of a plug-in an firmware 1.02.21-WDLXTV-Live- (here) which is at present (2018) last official public version with support WDTVExt. As working capacity of a plug-in is checked up (but it is not recommended) on newer versions of a series (1.02.21-WDLXTV-Live- and 1.05.04-WDLXTV- which it is possible to take here or here.

    ATTENTION !!! If in 2019 you have disappeared plug-ins from UMSP (on firmware 1.02.21- - set the time for WD (NTP service).
WDLXTV Configuration -> Main -> System:
NTP - on
TIMEZONE - UTC-2 (or your timezone by the rules)
NTPSERVER - ntp.ubuntu.com
IPUP - on

Save and Reboot WD

    (New from April 2014) Now you can use the plugin on WD TV Live Streaming (Part Number): WDBGXT0000NBK, WDBHG70000NBK.             Specially adapted for this plugin called IPTVSMP, activated and configured similarly IPTVv3.             At the same time the player uses the so-called "firmware" 02.01.86-EXT3_Palace_Stock_Plus. For more information about installing this firmware on the mediaplayer please read this.

    (New from November 2014) Now you can use the plugin on WD TV Live Gen4 (Part Number): WDBYMN0000NBK, WDBPUF0000NBK.             Specially adapted for this plugin called IPTVSMP, activated and configured similarly IPTVv3.             At the same time the player uses the so-called "firmware" 1.01.30-EXT3_Liverpool_Plus. For more information about installing this firmware on the media-layer please read this.

    At present the plug-in is more focused on display of channels from your provider in the coding mpeg2 on udp or http protocols. Channels coded in mpeg4/h264 while are supported too (start is not speedup), also possible to play rtmp, rtmpe, m3u8 streams.

    Video showing to possibility IPTV v3 a plug-in:

    The updated video showing possibilities of IPTV v3 plug-in:

    Shortly installation, adjustment, use: playlist.m3u (can be more then one) must be placed in a flash card root or /conf or share root folder. The playlist must be in UTF-8 encoding and positions with: #EXTINF:-1 or #EXTINF:-1 mpeg4 or #EXTINF:-1 mpeg2. #EXTINF:0 used in rare cases - please read below. (By th eway if you have #EXTINF: 0 in your playlist you can immediately change to #EXTINF: -1 - otherwise probably channel will not work.) So usually your playlist must looks like:

#EXTINF:-1, Channel name

Reboot, turn on plug-in IPTVv3 in the web interface, save you settings by press "Save" button on bottom. Reboot again. On WD follow to Video-> Media server-> UMSP-> IPTV v3. The Program schedule on the recommended insertion is caused by the remote control button "eject". The program appears naturally only there where the channel name normal and it is recognized according to the plugins list of conformity - is the logo exists - there is a program (Russion channels only). To finish work with a plug-in it is desirable (but not necessarily) by selecting the last item in the playlist "Eject plugin".

And now ...

   Complete description

    Installation: To use the plug-in need the playlist file playlist.m3u. As well as USB-flash drive or USB-connected hard drive to free USB-port of WDTV Live. Needless to say needed WDTV Live is connected to the network (to the router) via cable (twisted pair) or Wi-Fi (the first is more reliable).

    Example of content playlist.m3u according to the m3u standard:

#EXTINF:-1,ICTV Channel
#EXTINF:-1, Canale 2
#EXTINF:-1 mpeg2,Canale 5
#EXTINF:-1,Channel 5

    The content will fill based on data from your provider. Encoding for the file playlist.m3u: UTF-8 (if there will be another - Channel names are not displayed correctly). File playlistsample.m3u attached for example, that enough to open it for editing in the editor supports UTF8 encoding and add (copy) data from the provider playlist. You can also just use a playlist provided by your ISP if it corresponds to the example of the contents and has a similar name. The main condition - extension .m3u, you can leave the playlistname by Internet provider, or you can rename it.
Playlist sample here (Right click on url end select "Save As..").
Another option, for example, if your ISP frequently changes the channel list, you can setup a direct link to the provider playlist.m3u. (See below).

    Regarding the USB-flash drive for firmware and place the plug-in is welcomed volume of 1-2 Gb with file system FAT32 (default for flash with a PC). You can also use a larger amount but say there are problems, I have not encountered.

    So we have on usb-flash drive playlist.m3u. Can be more then one playlist in root folder of USB device, name of playlists you will see in iptvv3 plugin. Old iptv.app.bin (if was exists) remove aside.

    Settings: To set up plug-in is necessary to get the appropriate section in the web interface of WD. For that would fall into the WDTV Live WebGUI need to know the ip-address of the player who was assigned in your network. If we do not know this address or does not remember, than we go in the menu "Settings" -> "Network" and see the IP-address.

    Open in your favorite browser (one of that Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, etc.). In the browser address bar, type in IP-address of WDTV Live. It is in the Address bar and not in the search bar (there are also people place already known to them the specific address in the search field of Google or something ..). After confirming the "Start" or "Enter" if you found it right you should see a login and password to log on to the page WebGUI.

    WDTV WebGUI Login (default) : wdlxtv
    WDTV WebGUI Password (default) : wdlxtv

Рисунок Вэб-интерфейса

    In the interface go to "WDLXTV Config" and then "UMSP" find the configuration section of our plug-"IPTV v3" (in the 0.5.x.x section is rolled - show by clicking on the "double arrow").
In firmware versions 0.5.x.x and for Gen3, Gen4 first need to specify what exactly plug-ins we are interested to download them from the server. To do this, first go to the home page in the Addons Manager, than to UMSP Plugins and point to interesting plug-ins - in particular IPTVv3 or IPTVSMP and confirm by button "Save and Apply" at the bottom of the page.

Рисунок настроек плугина

    Activate "Enable IPTV v3 UMSP plugin", scroll down page and press Save button. Reboot WDTV. For 0.5.x.x ver these steps can be skipped because "Enable" made in another section early.

Description of customizable items:

((By the way, if you move the cursor over the interests of the key you will see Russian translation - page encoding must be set to UTF-8 if not you can see wrong letters, a more detailed description))

  • iptvv3    "Enable IPTV v3 UMSP plugin"  - Default (ON) - actually enables and disables the plugin itself.

  • IPTVV3_LOCAL  "Using local udpxy (turn OFF if use external udpxy) Default(ON)"  -  - this parameter reports about that that locally started udpxy are used. Those which transform udp streams to http - understood by WDTV Live. By default, this option is enabled, and if you're not an advanced user then leave it on.  If you are not an advanced user and you do not have real IPTV (that which goes through the udp protocol and in the playlist can be written as udp://@.....), ie if you have any links to the channels found on the side and presented in the form http:// .... then this option should be turned off, that would not owerload the WD TV Live redundant running processes, namely the two udpxy.
    If you are an advanced user, and still on the router (or server) you have installed your udpxy, then make sure that whatever you have earned a second Landgraph patched udpxy (on the next port). In this case, you as an advanced user, it is recommended to disable local udpxy. (Couse You use own external).

  • IPTVV3_UDPXYOLD  "Old (standart) udpxy URL (by default
    or external old (standart) udpxy URL e.g.
    "  - by default  - indicates an old version of udpxy which is the default local address If anything is not understood then do not touch, leave as is.
    If you are an advanced user it is precisely in this field specify the address of your router or udpxy on the server, for example And its usual, old nonpatched udpxy.

  • IPTVV3_UDPXYNEW  "New (patched by Landgraph) udpxy URL (by default
    or external new (patched by Landgraph) udpxy URL e.g.
    "  - by default  - points to new local (patched by Landgraph) udpxy, which by default local with the address If anything is not understood then do not touch, leave as is.
    If you are an advanced user it is precisely in this field specify the address of your router or server with the patched udpxy, such as And his new patched version of Landgraph.

  • IPTVV3_PARAZIT  "Parasite content into the channels name (Remove excess).Separated by (|)"  - empty by default - the field containing the so-called "spurious""parasitic" words from the name of the channel that should be ignored. It is useful when you want download playlist via http directly from the provider site. But in this case, if the title (channel name) from the provider list are present nothing meaning for the subsequent definition of a logo and a program guide (Multimedia) (IPTV) (Promo) (Test), etc. These extra words, can be listed in this field, separated by a vertical bar -> |. That is, these unwanted words will be excluded from the name of the channel that will later find the logo of a normal channel and program guide for the channel.
  • IPTVV3_PLAYLISTURL  "Playlist http:// URL or local link (by default:empty)..Separated by (|)"  - by default empty - is a link to the playlist. Do not touch this field if you do not understand. If we are very willing to receive playlist via http from the provider, in the case where the provider is suffering from delusions of playlist changes every day, but it is compliant playlist m3u, then in this field, you can place a http-link to a playlist of your ISP (in this case you will naturally lose the ability to manipulate the playlist but you get a fresh playlist directly from your ISP). Can be several playlists separated by (|)

  • IPTVV3_LIST  "list of compliance"  - by default /tmp/umsp-plugins/iptvv3/logo/list.txt - Leaf matching channel names and special on which later sought a logo and program schedule. Edit List of Compliance can be (and should) directly from WebGUI by clicking on the list.txt. What was seen:
    For example the line: СТС=>17 This means that if in your playlist is written the name of the СТС channel is just the way it is in Russian letters that plugin he finds a match, and will know special code 17 according to which will pump up both the logo and for right channel and the right program schedule for this channel. (Only Russian channels logo and programm guide supported now).
    That is, Bring your list of conformity in the form of the type:

    In the case when the channel from your provider and the local name you can not find it on the list.txt but you want a nice logo - you can register and url according the name of channel, example::

    France 2=>http://www.lyngsat-logo.com/logo/tv/ff/france2.jpg
    with the logo on the screen will affect the local channel, but keep in mind that the program schedule for this channel will not be, it is only by the code.
    If the plugin could not find matching names in your playlist, channel name and code compliance in a sheet instead of the logo channel you will see the plugin logo  

  • IPTVV3_WDTVEXT  "Main Programm engine. Using WDTVExt (search,eject key) for show TVProgram. Default(ON)."  - Use the engine to retrieve and display the program guide. Schedule the use of engine WDTVExt (at the recommended 1.02.21) is shown when you click "Eject" button on the WD remote. It is recommended to keep this option ON as well as responsible for the work program receiving a demon and purified from nagscreen.

  • IPTVV3_INNAME  "Show TVProgram in channel name and channel list (slow). For 1.05.04 F/W."  - Default(OFF) - Display of the program schedule in the name of the channel and correspondingly in the playlist on the screen. For versions based on 1.05.04 (which may not show the program guide so quickly and beautifully because of the lack of support WDTVExt). Slowly! Slowly at first time because the plugin gets the program to all channels in the playlist (and not specifically selected) and then displays the playlist. If a lot of channels - you can not wait :). Because version 2.9 is done with a forced limitation - activation of the item will be shown only the first twenty-channel from the playlist. But because the list is almost visible on the screen that now is, just send the next four will be visible after the launch of the channel and pressing "Enter".

  • IPTVV3_ZONE  "TVProgram Time Zone Delta. Default (0)."  - Default (0) - Delta for the time zone. Normally the program schedule tries to determine your time zone by IP address. If you determine it is true then the program will correspond to the local time. If unable to determine your time zone and time in the program shifted by one hour, two, etc. indicate here the difference in hours - the program schedule respectively will correct time in a program schedule.

  • IPTVV3_AUTO  "Auto Switch to Thumbnail Mode."  - по умолчанию включен - Automatic switching the list of channels in a preview mode for display the channel logos. If you are confused by such automation and you got used to see simply the list of channels - can switch off this option.

  • IPTVV3_PLAYKEY  "Global key after #EXTINF:.. for all channels. Default (NA)."  - Global key, one after the #EXTINF: written - that is, no matter what the key value in the playlist - substitutes the value of this setting for all positions in playlist. The default value is "NA" - not defined, ie value is taken from the playlist. The rest is natural global 0, -1,-1 mpeg2, -1 mpeg4, -2. What for is needed - read below.
    Both keys for idlers which laziness hands to govern a playlist, or for idlers who pull a playlist directly from provider and besides without governing a playlist will substitute the necessary keys. Well or for lamer users - it will be simpler to tell them "put globally -1 key and its all".  

  • IPTVV3_ZOOM  "Global AutoZoom 1.2x for all channels. Default(OFF)"  - disabled by default - Global Autozoom - that is, regardless of whether registered or not the zoom key in the playlist - all channels will be completely x1.2 zoom. Automatic increase of a picture is useful when you have a widescreen TV (16:9) and the picture channel iptv standard (4:3), but in the air like a widescreen movie. It turns out the so-called "black box", black frame, while if the Zoom menu options are x1.2 times more useful then you can use the TV screen and get rid of black bars. Instead of a global autozoom all channels still recommend to use a personal autozoom a specific channel. To indicate that such a channel should automatic zoom in the playlist in the description of the channel must be specified keyword zoom into a service area - after #EXTINF:... but before the decimal point (for which there is a channel name), for example:

    #EXTINF:0 zoom,Channel Name

    and only channels with word zoom was automatically zoomin x1,2.

  • IPTVV3_ADDITIONAL  "Additional Content : 50+ channels from Internet. Default(ON)."  - Default(ON) - Additional content: Many channels broadcasted from the Internet. Those Internet users and WD do not have iptv from your provider can now try to join the edge of the eye to the iptv "box" (or those who want to expand the list of channels). That is, when you turn IPTVV3_ADDITIONAL item appears in the list for nearly 40 additional channels. Channels from internet, from a relatively open source, all must understand that the more people will watch the more load to the broadcasting server, the quality of the picture will be worse or won't reach at all. So as they say who had one and ate it. The channel list, see the first message of the topic at the forum.
    For firmware based on 1.05.04-..- need additional install ffmpeg, rtmpdump (devtools.abb.bin from svn) No need any additional installs on recommended f/w 1.02.21- - all must work out of the box.

  • IPTVV3_KLUBKEY  "Klubnika KEY for adult additional channels."  - Default is empty - Personal key to activate the four strawberry channels for adults only. To prevent accidental eye are blocked by default. Treat more donation to author - prove your age ;) . Personal Key is bound similarly to the serial number of the WD player (S/N).

  • IPTVV3_FIX  "Fix for Thumbnail Mode in version based on x.x.x-WDLXTV-0.4.x.x."  - default OFF - Fix for displaying the logo in the preview mode for the root list UMSP plugins, as well as for cutting away from a list of three extra plugins such as Shoutcast and etc. The default is disabled, just in case because it is possible he could be activated by you when using filmsonline.app.bin.

  • IPTVV3_REMOVE  "Remove old IPTV v1 menu item from UMSP menu. Need only once. Default(OFF)"  - by default switched off - Fix for the removal of the old item IPTV v1 from the list of available UMSP plugins. Used only once if you have an old iptv v1 and you have it replaced by a new iptv v3 but the inscription on the screen of IPTV in the list of UMSP plugins not disappeared.

  • IPTVV3_BUFSIZE  "Buffer size. Debug only. Default(65535 or 196605)"  - default 65535 - Item at the request of the advanced users. The size of "buffer" and more frames which gives the picture a proxy. For the key -1 use 65535, for the key 0 - 196605. If not it is clear that this is - it is better not to touch.

  • IPTVV3_KEY  "Personal KEY for full functionality"  - default empty string - Personal key to enable full-featured plugin-operation (Remove the inscription "DEMO", show the program without a serial number). Send the author by e-mail information about donating and the serial number of the WDTV player (S/N is displayed in the program guide or on the body of the player or the player settings menu), a key must be entered in this field. Read more below.

    More information about configuring your playlist: In a playlist so-called "duration of a track" now matters. Specifies after the text #EXTINF:...   Since the duration of the IPTV stream as the track is not (is constantly flow) it is accepted to specify that this value 0 or -1. For example #EXTINF:0 or #EXTINF:-1.

      So what's the difference between one and another entry in the plugin IPTVv3.. 

If the source of streams http:// then:
#EXTINF:0 - starts channels directly as it is specified - the direct link, more is suitable for links to static video files like .mkv, .avi etc.;
#EXTINF:-1 - starts http channels through local iptv-proxy (can be used by default for all channels);
#EXTINF:-1 mpeg2 - starts http channels coded in mpeg2 through local patched Rushmore accelerated iptv-proxy (speedup mpeg2 channels start to play);
#EXTINF:-1 mpeg4 - starts http channels through local iptv-proxy (used only for mpeg4/h264 channels - not speedup start);
#EXTINF:-2 - starts the old not accelerated option which was in the first iptv (helps for playing of mpeg4/h264 of streams).

If you want to play the HD channel then check that the title (channel name) would be attended by two letters "HD" 

If the source streams udp://@ then:
#EXTINF:0 - runs the shortest way through the udpxy patched by udpxy Landgraph (accelerated by the launch of channels in mpeg2 and does not work for the channels in mpeg4/h264);
#EXTINF:-1 - runs the channels via local patched Rushmore iptv-proxy and then through the old udpxy (suitable for all channels without acceleration);
#EXTINF:-1 mpeg2 - runs the channels the same way but in a local patched Rushmore iptv-proxy and then through the old udpxy (accelerated launch of channels in mpeg2);
#EXTINF:-1 mpeg4 - runs the channels the same way like #EXTINF:-1 but for mpeg4 streams via local patched Rushmore iptv-proxy and then through the old udpxy (without acceleration);
#EXTINF:-2 - runs the old non-accelerated version, which was in the first iptv (helps to play mpeg4/h264 streams but without acceleration).

In any case, you can make a temporary playlist and mixed with 0 and -1 and -1 mpeg2 and -1 mpeg4 and -2, and with HD in the title and without. And choose the one, the only suitable option for you which will finally show the picture. Experiment ...

    Usage:  Remember the basic rules:

1) Start the channel for the play with button "Enter" on WDTV remote (not "Play").

2) Stop the display of the channel with button "Stop" (not "Back").

3) If you have firmware 1.02.21 - can show the program guide channel by pressing the button "Eject" on remote. If all the same on the basis firmware 1.05.04 you can choose to show the program directly into the playlist, either by options menu (look the nuances higher - in the settings).

4) To finish work with a plugin it is desirable (but not necessarily) having chosen the last item in the playlist named "Eject plugin". This action will switch off visual effects of IPTVv3 (the blacked-out screen according to Enter, nagscreen "DEMO" and other processes). And you will be not thrown in a shock by presence of the same effects in attempt to start the local films. But even for forgetful users the demon who for you will switch off effects of a plug-in but with reservations is made. Whether to the demon you not clearly finished use of a plug-in of IPTVv3. Whether you go on a playlist or left on the list of the local films is yet action, it is navigation, and here when you pressed on Enter and started the film (out of IPTVv3) then only the demon will understand that you left a plug-in. Therefore the effect will appear once but in a background the effect thanks to the demon will be disconnected. Then you it is simple stop cinema and restart - Everything effects of IPTV on your films any more won't be, there will be also a standard menu by an Enter and all the rest as on a standard. Again, if you are forced to choose "Eject plugin" then is not necessary to resort to services of the demon.

v3.08 Added subplugin for ottclub.in iptv ( ex i-ghost.net ). Just register, copy/paste OTT acces key to IPTVV3_OTTCLUBKEY and watch iptv. Also can ganarate own playlist with better server speed.

v3.25 Added subplugin for zargacum.net iptv. Its free now (24 oct 2014). Just register, copy/paste client key to IPTVV3_ZARGACUMKEY and watch iptv. Also can generate own playlist with better server (US,EN,DE).

v4.55 IPTVSMP Added subplugin for edem.tv iptv. Substitute zargacum plugin. Not free, but cheap - only 1$ per month (in 2018). Just register, copy/paste client key to IPTVSMP_EDEMKEY and watch iptv.



    Receiving: To try IPTVv3 in action it is possible for everyone... The main functional isn't cut down (stable speed of switching exist, external links exist, HD support exist, logos exist, the program schedule exist). If you have a strong nerves and a LCD or plasma is not a pity you can use as is (with nagscreen "DEMO". If you still have the desire to remove nagscreen "demo" - its fixable ... you can send adequate gratitude donation for the work done by author and your WD serial number WNV... (Show in the TVprog or on the WDbody should be, or in WD settings-about on TV, or link "look here" in IPTV config page). I in reply give you a personal key - "demo" is removed forever... Redownloading or reconfigure do not need, all you have. But first - well check whether a plugin is needed for you. You can always go back to my first IPTV (the same one that was downloaded over 1,000 times and still amassed donations only from five persons).

Details for donation:   Yandex.Money: from card to 410011402801986
Webmoney: WM Z114867333413 ($)

E-Mail for contact (and tell your serial number): this

    Extras: In addition to On-Line viewing of IPTV channels, you can watch movies and TV shows serials on the WD media player using other plug-ins at any time convenient for you. Namely, the movie-serial ExMeFs plugin, and a set of plug-ins with the Filmsonline prefix. Would you like to watch TV series in good quality (even in the original language) such as American Gods, Game of Thrones, etc. - try the plugin for WDTV Live player. General information about installation in the second message here or here - it is old but relevant information (with amendments to the fact that the list of plug-ins is changing). Also at the moment, the version of the firmware version 1.05.04-WDLXTV-Live-0.5.2 is more suitable for movie-serial plug-ins since it supports https sources and better plays mp4 (there are no problems with smooth video and sound). Try it.

    Thanks: Thanks to developers Landgraph, Rushmore. Forum wdhd.ru from which everything began. Forum theme here or here. And certainly to the grateful users who have estimated work!

    Successful shows! :)